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CABIO Biotech(Wuhan) Co., Ltd (Abbreviated as “CABIO”) is a high-tech enterprise in China which was first engaged in the production of microbial oil such as unsaturated fatty acid and lipophilic nutrient by fermentation process. The company has two microbial oil factories of word class and a provincial  technical-center for biosynthesized nutritious chemicals.

At present, CABIO  specialise  in  production and sales of high-end food ingredients including arachidonic acid (ARA), DHA algal oil, natural B-carotene(BC), and serve  high-end food ingredients and service as well.
As a leading brand in China’s ARA industry, CABIO has participated in the formulation of national food safety standard for ARA and DHA(Fermentation process) as a leading drafter. The arachidonic acid(ARA) oil produced by CABIO is the only product approved  by EU as Novel Food and FDA GRAS in China.
CABIO aims to be the expert in the field of lipids nutrition, and provide safe , high quality nutrient product and professional solutions for global customers.

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