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the two have faces below are separated by stone dish was so non-permeable layer structure, and subsoil layer above is 44 cm (18 inches) wide drainage channel. Around the stadium is being built by slender strips of durable, concrete walls and corners. Second, because the artificial pitch plastic stadium easy to protect, so gradually Cape popular. After a substantial modification of the artificial pitch, often the most suitable for use. Some courts also sub-raising base by combining prime resin level combination of coarse rubber planting and spray polyurethane, permeable bottom, paved with asphalt. Through the above description I believe we have some small venues for tennis ball a certain understanding of knowledge, hoping to play for your help. Henan Henan Linas Linas Building Materials Building Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sale of rubber flooring in Zhengzhou, Henan and plastic flooring, plastic sports flooring manufacturer, in communication with customers and employees, we cultivate a constructive and honest communication. With our business integrity, loyalty and friendly co-operation and to give customers the right words and actions Norah's largest trust. Keywords: rubber flooring Zhengzhou, Henan and plastic flooring, plastic sports flooring  


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