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China MS Candles Company. private label candle manufacturers

We produce candle products over 20 years, and 20000+ sqm candle factory. Big factory, cheaper price, quicker production time, we believe we can be a best choice for your OEM & ODM candles. And we almost can custom made all types candles, welcome to contact us for your candle products.  birthday candle manufacturer

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There are so many scented candles, how to choose if you give them away?
The scent type is the same as the one you choose for your own personal perfume. Find what you like and suit your temperament.
However, it can be divided into several categories: fruity, floral, grassy, sip, oriental
Fruity and floral can understand what it means. The most representative of the fruit is citrus. The typical representatives of flowers are jasmine, rose, lily, lily of the valley and so on. If you give someone, don’t pick a cheesy taste when you pick it up.
The representative of grass wood is lavender, rosemary, mint and so on. The problem is not too big. If it is not stable, lavender fragrance is the safest.

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