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Build 7 gives you exactly what you want in your dream home. They design your home plan according to your suits and needs which comes under your budget and build your dream home.

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Build 7 provides a solution for home buyers to get the perfect dream home. Alternative to looking to buying an existing home is to build a home. There are many advantages to building. The hassle and risk of building is what puts most people off from exploring this alternative. Build 7 provides a unique process which takes away the hassle and risk.

Build7 are Licensed Building Practitioners and are members of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand. They set up a milestone of building your dream home and then draw the plan for designing the perfect home for you. They not only build home but their other services are floor plan, interior design and exterior design. Their designers will also help you pick options that are within your budget and it is important for them that you are completely happy with both the exterior and interior designs of your home.

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