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We manufacturer leather wallet, leather purse, menu cover, menu folder, keychain holder, passport holder, leather card holder, men wallet, women wallet, leather comestic bag, leather money clip etc. purse manufacturers


The custom lining of the leather handbag is the auxiliary material used to make the space inside the bag, including canvas, chemical fiber cloth, non-woven fabric, PU leather, pig skin and so on.
Adhesive paper and glue are materials for laminating the packaging parts, including double-sided adhesive tape, wrinkle adhesive tape and PU glue, universal glue, raw rubber, powder glue, ammonia glue, etc., wherein the glue and its diluent toluene are Flammable.
The leather side of the leather handbag is a decorative coating on the edge of the bag parts for the oil edge process. It can be blended into different colors and different hardness.

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