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China MS Wooden Boxes Co. wooden box manufacturer

Manufacturer of wooden box,  wooden wine box, wooden gift box, wooden craft box, wooden tea box, wooden coin box, wooden craft box, wooden jewelry box, soft bark wooden box etc.  wholesale supplier in China custom wooden box manufacturer

Welcome to contact us, and our website:  wooden wine box manufacturer

Natural leather mainly refers to the processing of various animal skins. At present, the leather used in furniture is mainly cowhide. Its appearance is consistent with artificial leather, but its tensile strength and tear strength are better than artificial leather. The disadvantage is that the appearance of the pattern is not uniform, especially in the calfskin, there are also extreme scars, and the skin around the defective tendon is less elastic. The natural skin is also divided into layers according to the thickness of the head layer and the second layer of skin. The top layer skin is the surface of the animal skin. It has good elasticity and softness, and the price is high. The thickness is between 0.8 and 1.5. The second layer of skin is peeled off from the animal skin. The skin has a thickness of 2.8~3.5, and the elasticity is poor, but the strength is good, and the tensile strength is above 200N/M2.

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