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exposure easily discolored, so if the plush toy is light can be sun, pay attention to not across the glass sun, so no effect. Clean the plush plush toy trick three: the required materials: buy a pack of soda powder, the soda powder and dirty plush toy into a large plastic bag, the pocket tightly shaking, will slowly find plush toy change clean. Finally, the soda powder due to adsorption of dust and become gray and black, remove and get rid of soda powder can be. This method is more suitable for the larger plush toy and will sound the plush toy. Warm small Note: In order to prevent the plush toy on the small parts wear, the plush toy parts of the tape with tape, into the laundry bag
Christmas gifts of Fuxing Lei Ke creative (Beijing) plush toy Co., Ltd. Christmas gifts of Fuxing, Lei Ke creative, plush toy Co., Ltd. Gift Crafts Industry
(Beijing) plush toy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the gift of the Christmas gift"). With the import and export rights of foreign trade-oriented manufacturers specialized investment to Beijing for the window, professional development of domestic plush toy market, is focused on the high-end plush toy design, development, customization, marketing, taking into account plush toy logistics and distribution, Cultural exchange activities, such as supporting business services as one of the plush toy company. Manufacturers have more than 10 years of foreign trade orders (OEM) production and export history,Plush Toys Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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