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[Money] bear in mind: Five Essentials of Investment (recommended) Money] [bear in mind: Five Essentials of Investment (recommended) one, do not blindly chase City, a chess game goes bad start is very important; inning tennis ball can score points, a large root ball impact. Precious metals trading process, earned Needless to say, the loss of reason, the market timing was not right, poor represent a significant component of the price. Quotes rose up before chase buy, prices fell down before the chase sell, buy price often put to the top of the price at the end, a market was stuck. This is the blind pursuit City consequences. "Do not mean to Quezon City but okay? Trend is less clear, do not force it not miss the chance?" This idea is very natural. However, experience has shown that chase to chase, but then strip _ Money / gold / silver / rather expensive silver / finance / stock _yjjedskf of 

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