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American Disney paper products "Yangzhou made" paper products cleaning industry
The United States Disney paper products, "Yangzhou made" clean. Almost no one knows, but you know Disney's animation modeling raw materials and paper for the global sales of DIY handmade paper products, are produced by a Yangzhou paper products business? Yesterday, the reporter went to the company located in Yang Shouzhen visited. A field visit 3400 square meters workshop to complete all the processes Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the United States Disney manufacturing DIY handmade paper products Yangzhou million wood Spring Paper Products Co. Reporters learned that the United States Disney company in addition to these DIY handmade paper products produced exquisite cartoon modeling, but also to the United States domestic sales of ordinary users for the production of pre-school children's animation fairy tale handicrafts and kindergarten decoration supplies. In the company's production workshop, which stacked a lot of raw materials and semi-finished products. Wang Jun, general manager of the company introduced the total area of ​​3400 square meters workshop, according to the process of making paper products in the large workshop divided into their respective regions. "Paper production process is mainly in the raw white paper on the color, film, press, cutting, and finally according to the packaging requirements of different products can be.Plush Toys ManufacturersStuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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