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Two minutes later, open the plastic bag, shoot plush toy body of salt, plush toy to compare to see if clean? ■ It is reminded that it is possible to "dry-clean" large-sized plush products and electric plush toy with salt, and, in addition, the amount of salt added may vary depending on the volume and the degree of plush, if plush toy is dirty Put a little more. In addition, the special dirty parts, coupled with salt rub, the effect is better. Third, the experimental steps Step 1 plush toy small monkey wash before the look, plush toy small monkey in a particularly dirty place to paint some salt. Step 2 Put the plush toy little monkey into the plastic bag, and then put the salt in the bag (see the plush toy dirty degree may be appropriate salt) Step 3 tie the bag, shake, especially the dirty place to rub. Step 4 shake 2 minutes later, open the bag shake off the plush toy on the salt out plush toy. Four, verify the results before and after plush toy photo control, plush toy small monkey after salt "dry cleaning", obviously a lot of clean. 5, the experimental principle of plush products is very easy to absorb the dust in the air, over time will become dirty yellow. And salt particles by friction and electricity, and plush products adsorption of dust is filled with positive and negative charge, dust can be sucked away, shake off the salt, plush toy becomes clean. Wang Linan

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