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We manufacturer leather wallet, leather purse, menu cover, menu folder, keychain holder, passport holder, leather card holder, men wallet, women wallet, leather comestic bag, leather money clip etc. purse manufacturers


The level of packaging is the fifth factor in determining the price of leather handbags processing, mainly including boxes, bags, outer packaging, etc. The order quantity is the seventh factor determining its price.

Three steps to check the quality of leather wallet processing
1. The overall shape of the idea wallet.
The quality of the raw material in the process of processing the leather wallet directly affects the shape of the wallet. The table top is basically a purely handmade process. The wallet is in the production process, and the manual process accounts for a high proportion. Therefore, from the shape of the backpack, the level of the wallet manufacturer's production process can be roughly judged.
2. Leather wallet processing needs to check the quality of the lining.

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