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China MS Wooden Boxes Co. wooden box manufacturer

Manufacturer of wooden box,  wooden wine box, wooden gift box, wooden craft box, wooden tea box, wooden coin box, wooden craft box, wooden jewelry box, soft bark wooden box etc.  wholesale supplier in China custom wooden box manufacturer

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The wooden handicrafts must be stored in a moderate amount, and the interiors of the cabinet-style handicrafts should not be stored in the craft space. If the hard-squeezing is often hard, the crafts will be deformed. The surface of wooden crafts is generally brittle, such as the table top and the chair. Always pay attention to prevent bumps and cracks. If you find that there is dislocation at the force when using or moving, be sure to re-gluing and sealing before use.
In order to protect the paint film from being scratched and to display the wood texture, a panel of wood crafts is generally placed on the table top, and the glass plate is separated by a small suction pad between the wooden table tops. It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal plates.

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