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China MS vinyl toys Company, vinyl toy maker

we custom made vinyl toys, vinyl figures, pop/designer vinyl toys, vinyl game/movie figures, vinyl characters, carton figures etc. vinyl toy manufacturer

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The cleaning steps of plastic toys are as follows:

Tools: a clean brush, baby bottles cleaning fluid.

Cleaning steps: as the plastic toys and bottles of similar materials, can be used for baby bottles cleaning fluid to clean.

1, in a clean baby tub or family bath tub into the water, put water, with a clean brush dipped in baby bottles cleaning fluid brush toys.

2, with a lot of water rinse clean, hanging on the net inside thousands of air, can also put people thousands of net breathable plastic basket natural air drying, and to insolation and ventilation.

If it is a stubborn stain can refer to the following method:

1. First, put the plastic toy without batteries into the water, dilute it with bleach and soak it for about 30 minutes.

2. Next, brush the dirty parts with a toothbrush and rinse them with clean water.

3. Finally, clean the toys with a clean cloth and put them into a clean toy box for storage.

PS: if you don't like the taste of disinfectant, you can rinse it several times.

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