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Wang Jun introduced, and now the company's products are corrugated, Color metal paper card, rainbow paper, laser paper and other 27 varieties. In the packaging area, some packaged and packed paper products can be seen in the outer box, these products will be sent to the United Kingdom, Peru, Turkey and other countries, "there are some products are produced in Germany, the United States, Russia And other countries of the order. "Wang Jun introduced to the United States Disney products have been produced, the current as long as the packaging, in June will be sent to the destination. B Canton Fair encounter a number of small orders "Disney" talked about by the United States Disney company authorized to produce DIY handmade paper products, Wang Jun feel very lucky. "I have been engaged in the construction and decoration business before, until 2008 only switch to paper products. Did not expect business only two years less than the time, was the United States Disney company fancy." Wang Jun Disney this gold impression is particularly deep. "2010 Autumn Fair, there is a foreigner to inquire about the price of a variety of paper because many merchants, so I did not care, but did not expect soon after, this foreigner actually find our company, some field visits later Under the 400,000 yuan of the order, but did not expect is that when the foreigners came from the famous home was actually from the famous Disney, and these orders on the paper is sold for the world. r company. And it also means that in 2011 to 2013 years of 3 years, they became the only one for the Disney production of animation materials and DIY handmade paper products business. "The three-year license is about to expire, Plush Toys ManufacturersStuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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