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"do not mean to Quezon City and okay so clear trend, do not force it not to miss the opportunity to do??" This idea is very natural. However, experience has shown that chase to chase, but mostly take hot strip poker's. As we all know, there is no one big trend is consistent in a straight line. A market, there is always someone new single sale, it was as open appearance, prices were down on the curve shape. Fall again powerful city, there will be another rally stage level; rise even further urgent city, but also for some period of digestion. Every several price, large or small, profit-taking will always appear. A wave near the end, you just blindly follow the trend of the tail chase, your new list comes into play, it is people want to open, anxious for someone to bear, when you enter the market of precisely date the market started taking one approach to remaining passive. & lt; BR & gt; To guard against blindly chasing the city, free to do flower drum pass fined those games, it is important to understand tolerance. In general, all of them rush to grab when you do not have to rush to catch, forbearance and tolerance. Trend for the better, to be on the other bulls to buy when eased consolidation; trend downward, on the other bears do bounce higher and sold. Unless gas prices a straight or a straight red bullfighting as stones fell to the ground, you will miss an opportunity, in fact, run into this particular market, even if you start with the stock market as well as the opportunity to earn, but the price would not be good to go . So, do not miss upset. After all, we entered the market in order to make the difference, as long as market fluctuations, 

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