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tennis ball player Li Na back on career pinnacle Word Count: This year has been 31-year-old Li Na, in Shenbo 138 finals debut pinnacle of his career, though not conquer the world, but they are ushered his career highest world ranking third in the world. For such a result can not help some people sigh, obviously already in over thirty years, has reached a pinnacle of his state, and now Li's goal has been placed second on the world, all in all let us somewhat difficult understand that in the end is what makes Li Na more "old" more spiritual, more "old" more reflects her ability. Now Li's coach Carlos Rodriguez, the coach was once a talented player, Henin's personal trainer, and access to the French Open women's singles champion from the youth group and then to get seventh Grand Slam Haining, Haining and Rodrigo cooperation time more than 15 years of Gus between regarded tennis a story. In November 2012, Rodriguez and Li began cooperation between them. Cooperation in a tournament for the first time did not take long, Li broke their winning drought of 14 consecutive months, after the success of the haze out of the French Open era to find the direction of their future. 

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