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But even though it has so much less, you can still learn something from television. Two doubles tips one, seize the opportunity to grab the network. If you are ready to attack the opponent's return of serve, it pops up when you start the companions serve. At this point, the opponent being opened beat to pick serve, hit the ball hard to suddenly change the line. You have to do is move to slash direction while approaching the ball and the net, to make a note of simple volley. Do not forget, if you want to grab the opponent's return of serve, be sure to let the fellow know before this point, so he had to protect the line ready. 2, based on the location of the opponent to adjust their stations. If your opponent before approaching the network is ready, then you have to fight with their peers before they came to the net, the first to occupy a favorable position; If there is one opponent retreated after hitting the bottom line ready, you and your partner want to retreat to the service line nearby to prevent the other's offensive lob; If your opponent is forced to move to the side of the venue to save, then you need to move the ball with fellow flight direction. As long as you keep the opponent's moves according to the position, it would win the game in the right position. Tee or hair? Before the start of each game will turn racket or cast with a coin to decide who should serve. Many players out of habit, always choose the first tee.

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