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often play badminton, tennis ball elbow _ carefully Orthopaedic Hospital _ Yunnan Yunnan Orthopaedic Hospital 
often play badminton, tennis ball elbow careful [2014-4-8 16:11:59] Word Count: often play badminton, tennis ball elbow careful! Badminton is we are more popular outdoor sports, because of its smart, lightweight but also easy to carry. Do you not know this little exercise also hides great harm, often playing badminton may cause you to suffer from tennis ball elbow. But playing badminton tennis ball elbow was basically because hitting action is not standard or error. Badminton, tennis ball elbow susceptible population characteristics: people over the age of 20, age is often made after age 30; over one week for four hours for badminton; warm-up exercise is not sufficient; hitting action wrong; beat line pounds Grip the number is too high or too small man. One, often playing badminton, tennis ball elbow susceptible to reason: in badminton, tennis ball elbow usually occurs in two situations: one is the athlete suddenly forced Arm acute injury caused. 2, is a long-term players to kill the ball movement caused by incorrect chronic strain injury. Strain injury is more common than is usually acute injury. Two, playing badminton how to prevent tennis ball elbow: a, correct hitting action, swing is the culprit, especially backhand. Intense, 

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