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the annual output of more than 40 million US dollars. Manufacturers rich resources, variety, style up to 10,000 kinds. The company relies on the strong design and production strength of the manufacturer, with its excellent human resources and management mode, for different customers to provide high-quality products and services, creating a variety of models plush toy distribution system. The company can now provide the following services for the community: ★ professional design and production of custom, sales of the following series of professional products: ★ business mascot, promotional plush toy products; ★ gift presented plush toy; ★ 0-3 year old baby Plush toy; ★ large plum, animal plush toy; factory in addition to the production of high quality plush toy, but also for domestic and foreign (Cartoon people) production plant, the product for the festivals to create a festive atmosphere for businesses to win unlimited business opportunities, products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States and the United States, , But also to the famous domestic enterprises such as Huaqi the United States and the air-conditioning, Eagle Ceramics, Warburg air conditioning, Kelon air-conditioning, Oriental Park, Guangzhou TV enterprises and institutions to create a good economic benefits. At present we have studied the realization of the doll's facial expressions can control the technology. ★ plush toy education and training: ★ plush toy education and training; ★ organization plush toy and craft gift exhibition and industry cultural exchange activity. Our goal is: rooted in the domestic plush toy industry, to promote and enhance the domestic plush toy industry development level. Our ideal is: to bring more happinesPlush Toys ManufacturersStuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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