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it has never been delayed. Just three years, "Wan Wood Spring" to Disney to provide paper products orders from the beginning of the 3 million yuan / year rose to 8 million yuan / year, paper up to 600 tons / year. "For our paper products business, the general 200 million / year order is a large customer." Wang Jun said. D to bring a new concept from the processing of finished products Disney's authority not only to the enterprise to bring the most direct economic benefits, but also in the form of them to undertake other orders plus a lot of points. According to Wang Jun, according to Disney's request, the paper cutting error must be within 0.1 mm, in order to achieve this requirement, they deliberately acquired a currently the most advanced cutting equipment. Did not expect, it is precisely because of this device accurate error rate, so that they successfully undertake a large order to Germany. "In order to meet the requirements of Disney, this authorized three years, our paper category from the original four to 27, the color has increased to hundreds of.In addition, there are Russia, Britain and other customers "It is understood that, in addition to authorized paper products, now Wan Wood Spring Paper is also responsible for Disney in Yangzhou procurement of non-woven fabrics, and then by their responsibility for the production of non-woven fabrics, Cut into the United States after packing, used to make plush toy doll. For the future development of enterprises, Wang Jun told reporters that the company produced non-woven specifically for Disney is what they want to do. In addition, the cooperation with Disney also let them see the DIY paper market prospectsPlush Toys Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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