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Green school) Kabaji Chong Hong (First 2, ice emperor) (a military badge gave Kawamura and birch ground) look at the surface: Kawamura Institute 108-type fluctuations ball, the lights down, was struck down by lighting the lamp will be pressed to accompany force when, Kawamura and Kabaji struggling to lift the lights, the future Ida and force the badge to the them, and asked them to hold this ranking. Hakama Tian Iraq hide (under 3, No.14) VS mountains Kintaro (First one, four Tianbao Temple) look at the surface: Kintaro cracked hakama Tian Iraq's best trick to hide "obliterated off the" hakama Tian Iraq hide sigh and said: "Too amazing! "Mutsu Yau Ma (under 3, No.15) Mutsu leisurely step (under 3, No.16) VS large Sau Ichiro (First 3, Green school) Nio vulgar rule (with phantom incarnation become kiku) (early 3, Li Hai large) (large stone Nio group wins) look surface: Nio determined Phantom into Mutsu brothers read their thinking, then resorted to a combination of large stone large stone formation and then send the domain Eve stone next month after blasting volleys score on the next round, INDIRECT being the end of the back Mitsuya Asia Nine Doo (under 2, No.17) VS Liu Lian two (early 3, Li Hai Eve) (Liu quit) watch face!: under Liu Qi has fruit are doing situation discard data tennis ball, but in the end there is still resistance force data tennis ball Shizu Mitsuya, the game continued by Liu Kun kitchen on behalf of stop Mitsuya Asia Nine Doo (under 2, No.17 ) VS Kun Sadaharu (First 3 Seigaku) (kun wins) look at the surface: Kun play in the future, 

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