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famous outdoor brands, the leading brand in the German market, the best outdoor brands. Over the years, VOLKL has enjoyed outdoor goods industry "innovation power" in the world. German peculiar careful thinking, Seiko detail, the pursuit of perfection and their conscientious study spiritual attitude, constantly breaking athletic limitations, the use of high-tech, give full play to their expertise, creating generations of outdoor professional products. Its products include safety helmets, snow equipment, lawn, mountaineering bags, flooring, outdoor clothing, accessories and many other products, although flourishing in Europe, but limited visibility in the domestic circle of professionals specialized know. Walker History 1880 Georg Walker in Straubing, Germany created its own named Walker (Volkl) company, is the company's first products carriage. 1923 Franz Walker Walker produced the first snowboard company's main business shift from car production for the ski board production. 1972 summer, Walker launched the first tennis ball shot --Zebra, which is the world's first all-composite tennis ball shot by a unique steel structure, the structure of tough and comfortable to use. Zebra is the first birth of a tennis ball in the history of the revolution Walker, after follow suit. The late 1970s, Servo Soft series to become Germany's best-selling tennis ball was 

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