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Anavar Oral Steroids Bodybuilding Safe Steroids for Steroid Users Healthy Fitness Anabolic Steroid
Powerful legal steroids Anavar Buy Anabolics Steroid Store Oral Steroids
Anavar CAS: 53-39-4
Anavar Molecular Formula: C19H30O3
Anavar Formula Weight: 306.4

Product Feature
Anavar Oral Steroids Bodybuilding Profile
Molecular Weight: 306.4442
Formula: C19H30O3
Melting Point: 235 238 Celsius
Effective dose: (Men) 20-100mgs/day - (Women) 2.5-20mgs/day
Active Life: 8-12 hours Detection Time: 3 weeks
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 322-630:24

Product Specification / Models
Muscle Mass & Strength
Anavar is a very effective supplement for significantly boosting your lean muscle tissue as well as strength. Anavar was given to victims of severe burns who had lost most of their muscle mass and strength.
Fat Loss
While gaining muscle mass may be your primary goal, reducing body fat at the same time would be ideal so that you can effectively sculpt your muscles.
Wound Healing
Anavar has been used in the medical field as a potent supplement for healing wounds. If you are taking a pro-hormone that mimics the healing benefits of its steroidal counterpart, then you may experience faster recovery rates. The faster you recover, the faster you can get back in the gym.

Applications and Effects of Anavar Oral Steroids Bodybuilding :
Anavar Usage: 1.Anavar is Steroid. Anavar acts as a male hormone and anabolic hormones, use for bodybuilding muscle supplements.
2.Anavar is one of the most sought after steroids. Anavar is referred to as a mild anabolic androgenic steroid since it exhibits great results with slight side effects.
3.Clinically, this drug is used to treat body wasting diseases and bone pains caused by osteoporosis, muscle gains.

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