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200W Beam Moving Head Light


Technical Paramter:

Light source: Yodn Lamp 189W/Philips189W 

Voltage: 100V-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Channel : 16/20 CH                                                                                                                
Color Temperature:8500k, 2000Hrs
Color system: One color wheel with 14 color + open
Gobo Wheel: One interchangeable gobo wheel with 17 gobos + open
3 Phase Motor; 
Prism: 16-facet rotating prism
Frost filter
Mechanical dimmer
Focusing: 0-100% linearly adjustable by DMX
Pan movement:540/270 optional(16bit) ,Tilt movement:265(16bit)
Super mute, faster movement
Advanced software. Makes all movement smoothly,  precise positioning
Color plate Italian imported ODL. Pure and sharp color
Yilong Lens
Monitoring fan speed. Lamp off when fan speed is not sufficient. 


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Mailing Address Guangzhou 510806


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