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and establish a tennis ball beat the comfort of the new standards. Walker has become one of the leading brand in the German market, sold 300,000 Servo Softtennis ball to shoot. 1980s, Silvia Ha Nika other players using the World Cup Series (World Cup) Series tennis ball tennis ball shot in the professional players association (ATP) and women's tennis ball Association (WTA) event a success. 1992, Peter Walker tennis ball using Kodak film won the French Open runner-up. 1994, launched the first "V1" -Vario V1tennis ball to shoot, "Journal of the American tennis ball", commented: "The new Walker V1 has not unbeatable comfort, using their play as the arm on the pillow so soft fitness ! "and was named" beat Huang "in the world. 1998, 31-year-old Peter Walker tennis ball using Kodak beat the defending Australian Open men's singles champion. 2001, launched the "experience Quantum10", the introduction of "Quantum" technology in the professional field. 2004, a new generation of design V-Engine family market. 2005, Volkl DNX with the Fraunhofer TEG launch a revolutionary material, and for mass production. 

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