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and at the end of last month, Disney commissioned a professional testing company to come to the factory and plans to sign the next three years." C for 600 tons of paper due to quality and price favored National production of paper products countless, why Disney happens to see the scale of this output value of only more than 2000 million small business? Wang Jun believes that the quality, price, punctuality is Disney in the choice of paper products business most valued "three elements". It is understood that color and cutting is the key to the quality of paper products. In terms of color, the general weight will be able to better ensure the saturation and uniformity of paper color. However, most companies focus on the weight of 3 grams, and "million wood spring" has reached 5 grams. In the cut part, Wan Mu spring paper 0.1 mm error is much higher than the standard 1 mm. Wang Jun said that because of the quality assurance, and now they have no longer send samples to each other to test, but directly to the United States shipments. In addition, they also reduce prices by mass production. As for the delivery time,Plush Toys Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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