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China MS Wallet Company,   wallet manufacturers

We manufacturer leather wallet, leather purse, menu cover, menu folder, keychain holder, passport holder, leather card holder, men wallet, women wallet, leather comestic bag, leather money clip etc. purse manufacturers


Sewing thread is an important material used in the sewing and packaging process. It includes various colored upper threads and polyester threads. The latter has a higher usage rate. The commonly used international standard wire numbers are from coarse to fine: 10 #个和20#(for sewing large bags), 30# and 40#, (for sewing of ordinary handbags), 40#, 50# and 60# (for sewing of small bags), 80# ( Used for computer embroidery).
The zipper is also called a zipper. It is a chain-shaped metal or plastic product that can be separated and locked. It is an important accessory for making a bag mouth switch. Commonly used specifications are 3#, 4#, 5#, 8#, 10 #, where 3# and 5# are most commonly used.
Accessories are various parts made of metal, plastic, bamboo, and horns assembled on leather goods.

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