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China MS mask company,  latex mask manufacturers

we custom made realistic latex mask, silicone mask, scary clown mask, hallowee mask, President donald trump mask, masquerade masks, animal masks, old man masks, old women masks, party mask etc, manufacturer directly.  custom halloween masks

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Answer: Advantages and disadvantages of organic foaming agent: 1 good dispersibility in polymer; 2 decomposition temperature range is narrow, easy to control; 3 N2 gas produced does not burn, does not explode, is not easy to liquefy, and has low diffusion speed, not easy It escapes from the foam, so the robes rate is high; 4 particles are small, the cells of the foam are small; 5 varieties are more; 6 the residue after foaming is more, sometimes as high as 70%-85%, sometimes these residues It will cause strange odor, polluting the polymer material or causing surface blooming; 7 decomposition is generally an exothermic reaction. If the decomposition agent used is too hot, it may cause foaming system inside and outside during the foaming process. Large temperature gradients sometimes cause the internal temperature to be too high to damage the physicochemical properties of the polymer. 8 organic foaming agents are mostly flammable materials, should pay attention to fire prevention during storage and use.

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