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tennis ball tactics: tennis ball which broadcast can learn skills and tactics? _xiaoyumeng11_xiaoyumeng11 of 
tennis ball tactics: tennis ball which broadcast can learn skills and tactics? [Posted 2014-3-21 17:44:46] Word Count: large TV screen, high-definition broadcasting and digital video recorders, watch tennis ball televised enjoyable. Now, from a tennis ball inside to learn something on TV, but also a lot easier than before. For those who want to improve the game by watching the tennis ball game with friends, here are some places you can pay attention. Forget the ball. When you meet her support of the players, will focus on the comings and goings of the ball. Such is indeed very exciting, but it will make your distraction, unable to better learning player action. Spend one or two Council to carefully observe a player, rather than any other thing. Best players below the viewing screen, and analyze his game. Preparation. If you are closely watching a player, note how he return as soon as possible, to prepare for the next batter. The head and feet. After hitting players note how stable head. And note how good players moving in the event of opportunities to move sideways in front of the opponent's defense tear. Some things can not be appearing on television. No matter how big your TV screen, it is still flat. TV hard to make you feel out how many professional athletes giving batting rotation. And the audio signal is easy for people wondering how fast the ball

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