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Disposable flip flop should be used with caution

At present, the vast majority of hotels provide one-time mesh flip flop, then in the use of time to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian let everyone explain the next time flip flop need to be used with caution.
Disposable flip flop are mostly made of non-woven paper or paper, the end is the bottom of plastic, the center has a thin layer of sponge, soles are also divided into non-slip and non-slip two, non-slip soles refers to the sole relatively thick A little, and made a non-slip groove, so wear disposable mesh flip flop, consumers try not to enter the bathroom. Mesh flip flop soles the water will reduce the flip flop and the friction on the ground, mesh flip flop do not absorb water, will cause the water droplets condensed in the bottom of the shoes, constitute a flow layer, causing everyone to fall.
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