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Shampoo is also a neutral detergent, will not cause clothing to shrink. As long as the amount of shampoo once pressed, and then stir the water, you can wash a dirty cashmere sweater. Just gently rub a few times, and then soak for ten minutes, you can wash the clothes, and clothing will be very soft. 22, with a shampoo sweater. There are many filaments on the sweater, because the shampoo containing cationic active interface agent, wash the sweater with shampoo, sweater can be more supple, not easy hair ball, reduce the probability of static electricity. In addition, sweaters, hair hats, wool scarves, etc. can also use shampoo to clean. 23, with shampoo wash down jacket fur collar. General down jacket or coat on the fur collar for animal fur, should not use alkaline washing powder cleaning, and animal fur with the body's hair is more like, with a neutral shampoo to clean the hair collar, cleaning effect is ideal. 24, wash the toilet with shampoo. The shampoo into the toilet soak, and then clean the toilet with a brush, can become white and bright! Or the home of the shampoo into the toilet tank, a few minutes later and then a red water, the toilet smell all gone, replaced Is the smell of fragrance. carefulPlush Toys Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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