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China MS Candles Company.  private label candle manufacturers

We produce candle products over 20 years, and 20000+ sqm candle factory. Big factory, cheaper price, quicker production time, we believe we can be a best choice for your OEM & ODM candles. And we almost can custom made all types candles, welcome to contact us for your candle products.  custom votive candles

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Take a small amount of wax from the bottom of the container and check for leaks. If there is a Tito, soak the iron into the melted wax, then take it out to the bottom of the container, and the wax will solidify instantly.
Take a color wax oil and pour it into the container. After solidification, then pour the second color. If the wax oil that has been prepared beforehand has solidified, it can be heated again and turned into liquid.
Finally, take out the candle, cut off the excess wick, and it's done.

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