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2009, Volkl DNX material will be the perfect combination of performance and excellent handling, a new generation of "POWER BRIDGE" technology that "PB" series. Ninth: Oliver Germany OLIVER (Oliver) brand was founded in 1936, focused badminton racket and tennis ball to shoot production, management, will be the exclusive development (HSN advance by synthetic resin processing) high steel carbon fiber METACARBON application? on racket hitting power and explosiveness more than the general racket in the operation have superior strength and intensity of performance. After nearly 70 years of development, OLIVER has formed its own unique quality system and sales service system. Tenth: DHS DHS is one of the few Chinese sports brand with international influence. 1959, Yung Kwok Mission for China to get first world championship - the 25th World Table Tennis Championships (World Championships) in the men's singles championship in the same year, Beijing won the right to host the 26th World Table Tennis Championships. "Using Chinese equipment on the international tournament held in China," China's dream. In the same year, a full compliance with international standards ping-pong tournament equipment including tables, 

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