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Word flip flop with type
Shorts and T-shirts, at the foot of the double-word drag is the most serious choice. In fact, as with the T-shirt, the flip is also a fashion in the "democratic" elements. Design sense in the pattern, color and color, and the wearer's body type is not. As long as the flip flop design is excellent, both tall and thin can wear clothing type lattice - unlike the big clothes that "clothes pick people."
In fact, do not think that the word drag can only dubbed the beach like the casual wind, the men's fashion industry slender feeling, but also the achievements of the word drag. Because the stovepipe pants stressed that the sense of line, if with shoes or shoes, are relatively thin shoes as well, or like a toothpick inserted in the bread as disloyal. And slim shoes, how can it be more than a pair of barefoot can maintain the stovepipe pants line sense it? Word drag every time, two simple and eye-catching buckle, really a good choice for thin wind.
Choose the word when the drag should also pay attention to, or go to the fancy to the extreme, so the most suitable with the beach casual wear, or must be solid in the end, such as black, silver, brown, full low-tech low-key feeling, and Have a full sense of high quality.
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