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under Liu Qi has fruit are doing situation discard data tennis ball, but in the end there is still resistance force data tennis ball Shizu Mitsuya, the game continued by Liu Kun kitchen on behalf of stop Mitsuya Asia Nine Doo (under 2, No.17 ) VS Kun Sadaharu (First 3 Seigaku) (kun wins) look at the surface: Kun play in the future, after blasting Mitsuya Asia Nine bucket, quick and even process the rate of all look no see, showing the strength of a good friend of the difference Chek trespassing (the under 2, No.18) this Tetsuya (under 1, No.19) VS forbearance enough Qian also (First three, four Tianbao Temple) peach Shirotake (First 2, Green Schools) (peach City Qian also set wins) watch face: peach ghost Town spoke to him to climb, they resorted to the ghost of the best black-jack knife strokes indirect profit spike on Yuan won victory, victory eventually go back. Autumn leaves court (under 3, No.20) VS Jin Jiang Kanata (under three armies No.20) (Jin Jiang Sheng) Qi heating network (qirebao) love animeĀ 

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