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We manufacturer leather wallet, leather purse, menu cover, menu folder, keychain holder, passport holder, leather card holder, men wallet, women wallet, leather comestic bag, leather money clip etc. purse manufacturers


The size, which is the size of the leather bag, is the first factor that determines the cost of production of this product, because the larger the size, the more the material used for leather handbags processing, the higher the material cost. The second major factor is the quality of its materials, mainly in several types. The price ranges from high to low in full-layer cowhide, two-layer cowhide, and PU.
The quality of the hardware of the leather handbag is the third determining factor of its price. The more complicated the shape and the higher the material, the higher the price. For example, the cost of a simple iron ring buckle is better than that of a copper one. The cost of the ring buckle is low because copper is more expensive than iron. The production of the logo of the leather handbag is the fourth factor that determines its production cost. It can be hot silver, hot stamping, silk screen printing, hardware LOGO, and the prices of the four methods are different.

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