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China MS Candles Company.  candle manufacturers

We produce candle products over 20 years, and 20000+ sqm candle factory. Big factory, cheaper price, quicker production time, we believe we can be a best choice for your OEM & ODM candles. And we almost can custom made all types candles, welcome to contact us for your candle products.  
The gift candle sets an elegant silhouette and a stylish aesthetic. Compared with the traditional candle, it is special in the transparent glass bottle, the color is soft, and it will not pollute the ground after burning with the traditional candle. To solve the cleaning troubles, at the same time, the incense-like products have both decorative and functional properties, and the candlelight shines through the glass when burning. Lovely. Gift candle jars are specially designed to provide better insulation and are a perfect home decoration!

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