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China MS Wooden Boxes Co. wooden box manufacturer

Manufacturer of wooden box,  wooden wine box, wooden gift box, wooden craft box, wooden tea box, wooden coin box, wooden craft box, wooden jewelry box, soft bark wooden box etc.  wholesale supplier in China custom wooden box manufacturer

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Today, economic globalization, wooden box packaging and goods have been integrated. As a means of realizing the value of goods and the value of use, wooden box packaging plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, distribution, sales and consumption, and is an important subject that the business community and design have to pay attention to. The function of wooden box packaging is to protect goods, convey product information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, and promote sales. As a comprehensive discipline, packaging has the duality of combining goods and art. Successful packaging design must have the following five points: shelf impression, readability, appearance, trademark impression, and functional description.

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