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Different materials different ways to clean the baby plush toy a coup clean, plush toy clean industry
Different brands of different ways to clean the baby plush toy has a trick clean. March 25, 2015 10:00 Source: Internet T | T baby after birth, Mom and Dad will baby in the baby room piled up plush toy. But after the baby played, clean plush toy is Mommy is a headache thing, like some plush toy is very difficult to wash, even if washed, plush inside or not dry. How to clean the baby's plush toy? According to a bacteriologist's determination: to disinfect the plush toy to the baby to play after 10 days, plastic plush toy on the number of bacterial colonies up to 3163, wooden plush toy up to 4934, while the fur made plush toy Actually as many as 21,500. Baby usually play plush toy, like casually throw to the ground, plug mouth bite and so on. Therefore, you must attach great importance to the plush toy hygiene, regular cleaning and disinfection of the plush toy. As for what method of disinfection, will be for plush toy different materials, using different means and methods. All kinds of plush toy cleaning method plush toy 1, small plush toy can first use the tape to wear parts of the wear parts of the sticky, directly into the washing machine in the soft wash, dry, hanging in the shade dry, and intermittent tapping Plush toy, make its fur, stuffy fluffy and soft. 2, large plush toy can be found filling the seam, cut the suture, remove the filler (acrylic cotton), special parts can not take (in order to better maintain
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