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Category: Plush doll
Modeling category: animals
Whether cartoon, anime: no
Animal Classification: rabbit
Filling material: PP cotton
Plush classification: super soft short plush
colour: pray
Applicable age: all suitable
Product features: gifts, pillows, decorations

Washing: 1. Hand wash: Prepare the washbasin with water, pour in the cleaning agent and stir until completely dissolved. Put the plush toy into it, squeeze it by hand to let the cleaning agent into it, then pour off the sewage, then rinse the toy with water. Net, wrap the plush toy in a clean dry cloth for a few minutes, absorb a part of the water, air dry, or sunbathe is also a good way; 2. Machine wash: directly put it into the washing machine. Before cleaning, you need to put the plush toy into the laundry bag. According to the general cleaning procedure (if the soft washing mode is the best), the use of cold washing is better than the washing powder, and it does not hurt the wool. After washing, wrap it with a dry towel and then dehydrate it to avoid hurting the surface.

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