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Beijing noble tennis ball training [2014-4-7 12:06:42] Word Count: Course Description: noble sport after years of research suitable for a tennis ball out of a curriculum system of all ages, so that each students quickly grasp the tennis ball movement, quick start; tennis ball while falling in love with the sport, doing physical exercise, lifelong benefit. Noble sport tennis ball training courses to get your tennis ball tennis ball more quickly become a master! Coach Profile: noble sports coaches through a rigorous selection, adhere to the selection of skilled, professional high quality coaches from college and professional sports teams; and obtain professional coaches qualified coaches. Suitable for: tennis ball beginners, students want to quickly grasp a short tennis ball skills. Course Objectives: Mastering the tennis ball basic movements, to rally comfortable level. Cost: multiplayer classes (4-6 people) 1580 yuan / person double Ban (2) 2880 yuan / person to teach private classes (one person) 4680 yuan / person multiplayer adult classes are divided into classes according to age, youth classes, children class  multiplayer 

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