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Bag, then add two tablespoons of salt in the bag, tie the pocket. Forced shaking for about half a minute, remove the doll, gently patted the salt on the hair particles, found the doll really clean. In addition to a small pilling gray small pompon, this gray cat once again back to white cat. Experts explain "This is actually a simple phenomenon of static electricity." Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, vice minister of technology Qin Jianhong explained that the main ingredient of salt is sodium chloride, easy to deliquescence of sodium and chloride ions, sodium ions are positive ions, chloride Is anion. Salt in the plastic bag in the friction, so that positive and negative charge interaction to produce static electricity, dust is easily due to electrostatic interaction was adsorbed together, so as to achieve similar dry cleaning effect. It should be noted that, because static electricity can only be generated in a dry environment, so only when the doll dry this method is valid. In addition, the larger the salt particles, the better the dry cleaning effect. Xu Chunyan

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