Help -> Making Payments with WingCash

You can make WingCash payments to businesses, other WingCash users, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, Twitter followers, or anyone with an e-mail account.

  1. At the top of your WingCash profile, click Wallet.
  2. Under Send To, type the name of the person or business to whom you would like to send WingCash.
  3. Under Send To, click the icon that corresponds with how you would like to send the payment. You can send payment directly from WingCash, or via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. If your WingCash profile is not linked to other social media you will be prompted to link the accounts. If it is linked, you can sign in, so you can choose one of your contacts.
  4. Type the amount of the payment you would like to send. The amount cannot exceed the funds you have in your wallet. If you have gift, loyalty, or rewards cash in your wallet that can be used at the merchant you chose, that cash will display in your wallet, so you can choose which type of WingCash you want to use.
  5. (Optional) Click Message and type a short message to include when you transfer the WingCash.
  6. (Optional) Click Public and choose Private from the drop-down menu if you would like your WingCash transfer to be private.
  7. Click Send to complete the payment.
  8. If you send cash to a merchant that has integrated WingCash with its point-of-sale equipment, you will be issued a payment code to show to the merchant when you make your purchase. You can choose when the payment code will expire. If the payment code is not redeemed in the specified time frame, the WingCash will remain in your wallet instead of being transferred to the merchant. If you transfer an amount to the merchant that is greater than what you spend, the remaining cash will stay in your WingCash wallet.

(You can also redeem WingCash by sending it to your linked account at a financial institution.)