Help -> Retracting WingCash Invitations

If you send WingCash to someone who does not have a WingCash profile and that person does not respond to your invitation to accept the WingCash, you may retract the invitation. It can be useful to do so because the WingCash in those unaccepted invitations is not available for your use. Retracting an invitation returns the money to your wallet.

  1. From your profile drop-down menu at the top of the WingCash web site, click History. A list of WingCash payments you have sent or received displays.
  2. Click any transaction for which the status is "Waiting." You cannot retract payments that have been completed.
  3. Click Retract Transfer.
  4. Choose a reason for retracting the transfer from the list shown.
  5. Confirm the retraction by typing the validation characters.
  6. Click Retract.