Help -> Redeeming WingCash Pages

Before you can redeem WingCash Pages, you must link an account at a financial institution with your WingCash profile.

After you have linked an account, you can redeem WingCash Pages for cash by sending them to your account.

  1. At the top of your WingCash profile page, click Wallet.
  2. Under Send, enter the monetary value of the WingCash Pages you want to redeem.
  3. Under Via, choose Transfer to... and the name of the account where you wish to deposit the cash.
  4. Choose how to pay the .25 transfer fee by selecting to either reduce the amount you receive by .25 or taking an additional .25 of WingCash Pages to cover the fee.
  5. Select whether you would like the money deposited in Checking or Savings.
  6. Click Send.