Help -> Receiving Payments with WingCash

When someone sends you WingCash Pages, if you have a WingCash profile, the transfer is immediate. The WingCash Pages display in your WingCash wallet automatically. If you do not want them, you can transfer them back to the person or business who sent them to you.

If someone sends you WingCash Pages and you do not have a WingCash profile, you will be prompted to create one. For example, if someone sends you WingCash via e-mail, you will receive an e-mail message inviting you to create a WingCash profile. There will be a link, making it easy to create a profile and accept the WingCash payment. If you do not wish to create a profile and accept WingCash Pages please decline the invitation.

All businesses within the United States can accept WingCash payments. Individuals must be in one of the supported areas to create a WingCash profile and accept payment.