WingCash Sale

WingCash Sale is the latest WingCash app for retailers to verify receipt of WingCash payments. WingCash Sale allows businesses to verify WingCash payment codes using a web browser on an internet connected device. The individual making a purchase will present the cashier with the payment code. The cashier enters the amount of the purchase and the payment code into WingCash Sale; and then records the purchase in the point-of-sale. Follow these few instructions to setup and use the WingCash Sale app.


  1. Sign in to your WingCash Wallet with email and password (

  2. Click on your name and switch to your business wallet

  3. Click on your business wallet name and select “settings”

  4. Select the Point of Sale Tab and check the box titled “Confirm received payments through a point of sale system” then save changes

  5. Go to (if Internet Explorer, must be version 11 or higher)

  6. Click “Login”

  7. Enter email address & password (email used to create your WingCash Wallet)

  8. Read information provided then click "Authorize"

  9. Click on your business

  10. Bookmark this link or place it in an accessible location on your computer desktop. (