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Premium business members can issue special WingCash that includes a business logo and is redeemable only at select merchants.

Gift cash works like a virtual gift card.

Merchants issue loyalty cash after a purchase to encourage consumer loyalty. The consumer can redeem loyalty cash on a return visit to the merchant (or at other locations determined by the merchant who issues the loyalty cash).

Rewards cash works in a merchant network established by a third party. The third party brands and issues the rewards cash for use within the network. Each participating merchant agrees to accept the rewards cash. Rewards cash is offered to consumers who make purchases at merchant locations, respond to surveys, provide demographic information, watch videos, or perform other actions that the merchants in the rewards network want to encourage.

A consumer who holds gift cash, loyalty cash, or rewards cash can tell at a glance where the cash can be used. When the consumer is using WingCash at a merchant, all the relevant types of WingCash will display as options for the consumer to spend.