Frequently Asked Questions



Creating a Member Profile

Who is eligible to sign up for WingCash?

Residents of the United States who are 18 years or older are eligible to join WingCash.

Where can WingCash be used?

Business-to-business transfers are supported in all 50 states. If you own or represent a business in the United States, you can create a WingCash profile for that business. WingCash transactions between individuals are also supported in several states. See the list of supported states for details. WingCash will be supported in more states as the business expands.

What do I need to do to create a WingCash profile?

If you are at least 18 years old and reside in one of the approved states, you are eligible to use the WingCash system. You just need an e-mail address to get started. Join WingCash now!

Why am I asked to confirm that I’m 18 years or older when I sign up?

We must confirm that you are at least 18 years of age to use WingCash, but this information is not displayed to the public.

Why am I asked for the country and state where I live?

Because of Federal and State laws, only individuals living in some States in the United States are legally permitted to have an active profile. Here is the most current list of supported states.

Can I use the service outside of the United States?

At this time only individuals living in the United States are permitted to use WingCash.

Why do I want to link my Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to my WingCash profile?

Linking your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to your WingCash profile enables you to easily send and receive WingCash Pages to and from your friends, colleagues and others. When your profiles are linked, the WingCash Pages sent to you via social media will automatically be added to your WingCash wallet without waiting for your confirmation.

Can I cancel my WingCash profile?

Yes. You can cancel your WingCash profile at any time by visiting your settings page and filling out the cancellation form. You must spend or transfer any WingCash Pages in your wallet prior to cancelling your profile.


Business Members

Can my business use WingCash?

Yes. After you join WingCash you can create a profile for your business.

What services does WingCash provide for businesses?

WingCash enables businesses to send and receive WingCash Pages on the WingCash site without fees.* The WingCash system can be used for business-to-business transactions, to reimburse employees living in approved jurisdictions, and various other payments. In addition, premium business members can design and brand gift cash, loyalty cash, and rewards cash. Please review our Merchant Terms for more details.

*Financial institutions that provide WingCash Pages may charge a transaction fee when you send money to a linked checking or savings account.


What is gift cash?

Premium business members can issue gift cash, which is a type of WingCash that can be used only at specified merchants. Gift cash works like a virtual gift card. It can be held in a WingCash wallet and redeemed at locations specified by the issuer. If you have gift cash in your wallet, you can tell at a glance the businesses where it can be spent. Gift cash does not expire.

What is loyalty cash?

Premium business members can issue loyalty cash, which is a type of WingCash that can be used only at specified merchants. A merchant can encourage customer loyalty by sending the consumer loyalty cash after a purchase. The consumer can redeem the loyalty cash on a return visit to that merchant or at other locations specified. Loyalty cash does not expire. If you have loyalty cash in your wallet, you can tell at a glance the businesses where it can be spent.

What is rewards cash?

Premium business members can issue loyalty cash through a third party that brands the cash and helps identify potential customers. For example, a third party may have access to students at a college and issue rewards cash for merchants who are seeking the students' business and agree to accept the rewards cash. Rewards cash can be offered to consumers who make purchases at merchant locations, respond to surveys, provide demographic information, watch videos, or perform other actions that the merchants in the rewards network want to encourage. Rewards cash does not expire. If you have rewards cash in your WingCash wallet, you can tell at a glance where it can be spent.

Does my business need to purchase point-of-sale equipment or new hardware to accept WingCash?

No. You can use any existing Internet-connected device, including a personal computer, tablet computer, smartphone, or other device and a browser to confirm receipt of payment with WingCash. WingCash does offer integration with Micros point-of-sale (POS) equipment and is considering support for other POS systems. POS integration allows merchants to acknowledge and confirm receipt of a consumer payment using existing POS equipment. Contact for more information.

Can my employees confirm that payments have been sent & received?

A merchant owner can access the WingCash wallet for his business. Premium business merchants can also subscribe to activity feeds that give them access to a secure web site that shows all transactions associated with a specified WingCash wallet. Merchant owners can specify employees who can verify receipt of payments using activity feeds. Activity feeds are also accessible using software programs and applications.

Are there WingCash reports that show recent activity?

WingCash merchants who subscribe to premium services have access to the following reports:

  • Transfer History - Shows the history of all transfers involving the merchant as a sender, recipient, provider, seller, or redeeming party.
  • Page Groups - Shows which pages a merchant holds or provides, grouped by denomination and holder.
  • Provider Liabilities - Shows who is holding pages provided by the merchant.
  • Sales and Redemption - Shows the value of gift, loyalty, or rewards cash sold and redeemed by the merchant.

WingCash Pages

What is a WingCash Page?

A WingCash Page is an electronic form of currency that can be used on the WingCash website to pay for the purchase of personal, family and household goods, or services. WingCash Pages can also be transferred to other WingCash members. Businesses can use WingCash Pages to pay business expenses and to offer incentives to customers.

Are WingCash Pages real money?

Yes, each WingCash Page is backed by cash that is held by the Page’s provider. WingCash Pages are payable on demand, at face value, to the holder when properly presented for redemption on the WingCash system.

Are WingCash Pages secure?

Yes. Each WingCash Page is represented by a unique page on the Internet that allows only one holder at a time, and each page has a specific monetary value (such as $1) assigned to it. Transactions performed with WingCash Pages are protected by security measures that comply with federal regulations.

How can I get WingCash Pages?

WingCash Pages may be purchased at participating retailers or by direct money transfer from your account at a bank or credit union. WingCash does not directly accept cash, money orders, wire transfers or payments made by credit cards. You can also receive WingCash Pages from another member, including participating merchants.

What are the denominations of WingCash Pages?

WingCash Pages use the same standard denominations as physical coins and bills, with the smallest being one cent and the largest being $100.

Do WingCash Pages expire?

No. WingCash Pages function just like coins and paper bills. Coins and bills don’t expire; WingCash Pages don’t expire.

Do I earn interest on the WingCash Pages in my wallet?

No. WingCash Pages function just like coins and bills. When you have coins and bills sitting in your physical wallet, you do not earn interest. Similarly, WingCash Pages in your WingCash wallet do not earn interest.

Are the WingCash Pages in my wallet FDIC Insured?

Funds associated with the WingCash Pages in your WingCash wallet are aggregated with funds associated with WingCash Pages held in other WingCash wallets and are deposited for your benefit into one or more pooled deposit accounts at one or more FDIC insured depository institutions.  All funds associated with a single WingCash Page in your WingCash wallet will be held in a single pooled deposit account for your benefit at a single FDIC insured depository institution together with the funds associated with other WingCash Pages.  Funds associated with WingCash Pages in your WingCash wallet are eligible for FDIC deposit insurance for the benefit of the named WingCash wallet account holder up to the maximum limit set by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and its implementing regulations.  The maximum limit for FDIC deposit insurance is $250,000 for all deposits held by a depositor in the same ownership right and capacity maintained at the same insured depository institution, subject to the regulations and interpretations of the FDIC.  You are responsible for determining whether all deposits, including the funds associated with your WingCash Pages, you hold in the same ownership right and capacity at any FDIC insured depository institution holding funds associated with the WingCash Pages in your WingCash wallet exceed the maximum FDIC insurance available for such deposits.  To determine the identity of the FDIC insured depository institution where the funds associated with a single WingCash Page in your WingCash wallet are held, the identity of which may change from time to time without notice to you, click on the link on the WingCash Page labeled “Provider Profile”.

Where can I find more information about the WingCash system?

Please review our Member Agreement.

Sending and Receiving WingCash Pages

Where can I spend my WingCash Pages?

WingCash Pages are usable at any participating merchant and are transferable to other WingCash members. We maintain a list of Participating merchants. You may also send your Pages to other WingCash members, friends on Facebook or Twitter, your connections on LinkedIn, or an email address.

How do I redeem WingCash Pages?

You can redeem your WingCash Pages by transferring them from your wallet to a checking or savings account at a financial institution located in the United States. You can link your existing checking or savings account to your WingCash profile.  You may pay a redemption fee when you redeem WingCash Pages, usually about $0.25 per transfer.

How does WingCash ensure that only the intended recipient receives the cash?

WingCash uses a technology called OAuth to confirm the identity of recipients. Although anyone can visit a cash invitation link, OAuth technology ensures that only the intended recipient can accept or return the cash you send. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites support OAuth. Learn more about OAuth.

Will I be charged a fee to use WingCash Pages?

WingCash does not charge fees for sending or receiving Pages within the WingCash network.

However, the financial institution that provides WingCash Pages may charge a transaction fee when you redeem WingCash Pages. Participating retailers or your financial institution may charge a fee for converting paper cash to WingCash Pages or vice versa. You can obtain specific information about any fees associated with WingCash Pages from your financial institution.

Can I send WingCash Pages to a friend on Facebook?

Yes. When you send WingCash Pages to a friend on Facebook, you can include a message that will appear on your friend's wall. Your friend will be notified of the WingCash Pages he or she has received from you, and will be required to log in to Facebook to confirm his or her identity.

Can I send WingCash Pages to someone who follows me on Twitter?

Yes. When you send WingCash Pages to someone who follows you on Twitter, the individual will be notified on her Twitter page and asked if she would like to accept the WingCash Pages you sent. The recipient will be required to log in to Twitter to confirm her identity.

Can I send WingCash Pages to a contact on LinkedIn?

Yes. When you send WingCash Pages to a contact on LinkedIn, that contact will be notified through his LinkedIn mail and invited to accept the WingCash Pages. The recipient will be required to log in to LinkedIn to confirm his or her identity.

Can I send a WingCash Page privately?

Yes, when you send WingCash, you can choose whether the transaction is public or private. Private transactions are only visible to the sender or receiver (payee or payor).

Why can't I can't set some transactions public when sending?

Some businesses are required to keep information confidential to comply with certain laws. When you send a payment to one of those businesses, it is automatically sent privately.

What happens if I send a WingCash Page to someone who doesn’t want it?

If an individual has not linked his other profiles (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) to a WingCash profile, or if he has not created a WingCash profile and does not wish to do so, he can return the WingCash Page to the sender. If the individual has already linked their profiles, the WingCash Page will immediately transfer to the person's wallet. If he doesn't want the WingCash Page, he can transfer it back to you.

Why is there a delay when I send WingCash Pages to an e-mail address?

If the recipient has not yet created a WingCash profile or has not yet linked his other web profiles to his WingCash profile, then there will be a delay while the recipient is notified of the transfer.

Can I block certain Members from sending me WingCash Pages?

Not at this time.

I sent a WingCash Page to the wrong e-mail address. Is there a way to get it back?

You can reverse the transfer only before the recipient accepts the WingCash Page. If the recipient has already accepted it, then the transfer is not reversible.

Can the provider of a WingCash Page reverse a transaction?

No. Once a WingCash Page is accepted, the transaction cannot be reversed. Any disputes with a merchant or another member must be resolved directly with that other party.

What is the smallest WingCash Page that I can send?

The smallest WingCash Page denomination, represented in U.S. dollars, is one cent.

What is the maximum denomination that I can send?

The largest denomination WingCash Page is worth $100.

What are the initial transaction limits of WingCash?

As a new member or business, you may add up to $2000 to your WingCash wallet in any 30 day period, with a $999 daily maximum. You may deposit up to $2500 into your own checking or savings account in any 30 day period, with a $999 daily maximum. You can request an increase to these limits and can be underwritten and approved for limit increases.


Protecting Your WingCash Pages

Can I lose the WingCash Pages in my wallet?

Unlike coins and bills that can be easily misplaced, WingCash Pages are securely stored electronically and not easily lost or misplaced.

How do I protect the WingCash Pages in my wallet from being stolen?

To protect your WingCash Pages from being stolen, use a strong password and safeguard it. A strong password should be at least eight characters long, and include a combination of both upper- and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. Never share your password.

Public Information

Is the holder of a WingCash Page public information?

Yes. Any WingCash Page can be viewed online. The information on the WingCash Page (that is, the current and recent holders, the provider, and the monetary value) may be viewed on the Internet by the public.

Why is my profile public?

The trust associated with financial transactions is increased with visibility and transparency. Profiles are made public in an effort to increase the trust of all WingCash members. In addition, because profiles are public, you may see when WingCash Pages are transferred from one member to another--no more wondering if the transaction was complete.

Can I hide my profile page without canceling my membership?

There are certain parts of your profile page that are private, but your name, picture, member name, and the date you joined WingCash are public information, unless you choose to cancel your WingCash membership. If you choose to add your personal address or phone number, they will be kept private. Businesses can choose to display their address and phone number. Please review the WingCash Privacy Policy to learn more.

Is the total amount of money in my wallet visible to others?

No. Anyone can see who owns a specific WingCash Page, but only you can view the contents of your wallet.

Is my checking or savings account number publicly visible?

No. WingCash protects your checking or savings account number and only uses it to transfer the value associated with WingCash Pages to and from your financial institution. Your account number will even be hidden on your member profile (for example, XXXXXXXX-XXXX1234).

Do private transactions show up on a profile page?

No. Private transactions are visible only to the sender and receiver of the payment.

Where can I find more information about what is public or private?

Please review our privacy policy.



Is there a WingCash app?

Not yet. You can use WingCash with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone. An iOS app is planned for the future.

Does WingCash have a developer's API?

We have not yet released a developer's API, but we plan to release one in the future.

How can I contact WingCash?

All questions, comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to