Provides full details about a transfer.



Common Attributes

String: the ISO 8601 timestamp when the transfer ended, or null. This is set only once. WingCash sometimes resumes transfers after they end, but the end field records only the first time the transfer ended.
String: one of ended, paused, stuck, runnable, or running. If the transfer is completed or canceled, run_state is usually ended. If the transfer is waiting for something, run_state is paused. If the transfer is doing something now, run_state is running. If there was an internal error, run_state may be stuck or runnable.
Integer: the number of activities executed so far by this transfer. Webhooks can use this information to ignore transfer states received out of order.
String: the ID of the personal profile who sent this transfer. For example, when John Doe sends cash from his business named ACME, the sender_id is ACME’s profile ID and the sender_personal_id is John Doe’s profile ID. When John Doe sends from his own wallet, the sender_id and sender_personal_id are both John Doe’s profile ID. When the sender’s personal profile ID is unknown, this is null.
String: the ID of the personal profile who received this transfer. The value is null when waiting for a payment code or invitation.
True if the transfer is private.
A list of Post objects created by this transfer.
HTML describing the steps (also known as activities) taken by the transfer from the perspective of the authenticated profile. Often lengthy. This attribute is an empty string when WingCash sends a message to a webhook. Many activities exist for internal bookkeeping only, so not every activity is visible.
If the authenticated profile is the sender, this is the list of the sender’s active PaymentCode objects for this transfer. Otherwise this list is empty.
If the recipient issued loyalty cash to the sender as part of this transfer, this attribute lists what loyalty cash was sent. It is a list of LoopDescription objects.

The list of participants (stakeholders) in the transfer. Each item in the list is an object containing id and roles attributes, where id is a profile ID and roles is the list of roles (as strings) the profile has in the transfer. The possible roles are currently:

  • distributor
  • distribution_recipient
  • fee_recipient
  • issuer
  • merchant
  • recipient
  • sender
  • settler

Redeem Transfer Attributes

These attributes are included in the TransferDetail object when the transfer workflow_type is redeem or fxdeposit.

The name of the receiving depository financial institution (RDFI).
The receiving account number.
The amount to be received into the RDFI account.
The fee paid for the transfer.
A string: either ‘checking’ or ‘savings’.
The date when the money is scheduled to arrive.

FX Deposit Transfer Attributes

These attributes are included in the TransferDetail object when the transfer workflow_type is fxdeposit. (The redeem transfer attributes are included as well.)

If an error occurred in the transfer, this object may be added to the transfer. It has two attributes: error, an error code as a string, and message, a string.
If the transfer was successful, this is an object containing information provided by the receiving depository financial institution. The content of the object varies based on the RDFI and the method of integration.
The number of seconds this transfer is to be placed on hold before automatic completion. 1800 (30 minutes) is a common value.
If the transfer is on hold, this attribute contains the ISO 8601 timestamp indicating when the transfer will be completed automatically.
dest_amount and dest_currency
The amount to be deposited after currency exchange.
source_amount and source_currency
The amount provided by the sender, including fees, before currency exchange.
The amount provided by the sender, without fees.
The currency exchange rate, as a string. As an example, if 1 USD = 18.4 MXN, and the sender converts from USD to MXN, then fx_rate is 18.4.
String: the currency exchange quote ID provided at the start of the transfer.
The WingCash profile ID of the holder who provided currency exchange services for this transfer.

Bill Transfer Attributes

These attributes are included in the TransferDetail object when the transfer workflow_type is bill.

Boolean: True if the sender has confirmed that the payment has been sent. Note that the user may still cancel after confirming payment.
Integer: The number of times WingCash has sent an email requesting payment for this transfer.
String: The payee account number. The customer should use the bankcard_number as the account ID when filling out the bill payment form so that WingCash can uniquely identify the customer.
String: The ID of the cash design that WingCash will provide upon payment.
String: The ID of the issuer the selected cash design.
String: The ID of the agreement that allows the distributor (who is also the transfer recipient, in this case) to distribute the cash.
String: The ISO 8601 date when the customer confirmed payment. May be null.
String: The name of the bank the customer sent payment from, as declared at payment confirmation. May be null.
String: The amount of the payment as declared by the customer. May be null.
String: The date of the payment as declared by the customer, in YYYY-MM-DD format. May be null, and may be different from confirm_timestamp.